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Our History

Our History

Since 1977, Atlantic Tube & Steel has competed in an industry that’s just as tough as the products we make. 

We have been an ISO registered company for well over ten years.  We continue to work each day to ensure that our products and services achieve that consistent, high quality standard.

Our family-run business was one of the first in the industry to demand a grade of steel made specifically for use by exhaust system manufacturers and fabricators. In 1990, we expanded our production capabilities in order to be able to service structural steel markets.  

This dedication to quality and service, along with continuous improvement, is something we practice company-wide; in our mills, our front office and on the road.  In a business like ours where longevity, experience and depth of knowledge are the cornerstones of success, Atlantic brings all of them to the table.
The dedicated people who make up the Atlantic family take your business seriously. We welcome challenges and work with you, our Customers, to find creative solutions that can make a real difference in the way you make your products and in the way you work. We specialize in tight tolerances and manufacture to standards that surpass others in the industry.  

We’ve never deviated from the commitment we have to the steel we buy or the process we use; we’ve just made it better.  In fact, we’re so proud of our work; our name is stamped on every piece.

Our History